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Created in the mid 1980's by artist Ron Lim and writer David Lawrence the series was first published by Eternity Comics calling it Ex-Mutants: Gods or Men #1 which was released in 1986. The series would than go on to be published by various companies such as Amazing Comics which published a special addition the same year. It would run a total of five issues in 1986 until it would be released by Pied Piper Comics in 1987 which made issues #6 through #8. Amazing Comics would however publish an all together different set from issues 6-7. Returning to Eternity Comics from issues 1-15 from 1988 to 1990 in "Ex mutants Shattered Earth Chronicles".Also a series of solo adventures for the characters was launched :"Solo Ex-mutants".

Later Malibu Comics would revamp the concept, rebooting it and created new characters and a new setting, however keeping it's theme. This series was from 1992 to 1994, and had crossover with the Protectors.


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A lone scientist, the three-eyed Dr. Emmanuel Cugat, selects five mutants, one male and four females, to be genetically altered, resequencing their mutated DNA to restore them to humanity. Belushi, Erin, Angela, Vikki and Lorelei become perfect physical specimens. Dr. Cugat then sends them forth to inspire the Shattered Earth. Many of the mutants have other ideas, particularly their arch nemesis, the monstrous Great Fred.

They meet the ''Wild Knights'', an old motorcycle gang that had settled down and were trying to recreate civilization. The Ex-Mutants become friends with their leader, Zack..They are also persued by minions of Great Fred and a battle in New Hope ensues . The Ex-mutants discover that they are vulnerable to the external radiation and decided to return to the laboratory of Cugat. In the ruins of Brooklyn, Great Fred captures Dr. Cugat and tries to execute him in public. The Ex-mutants arrived in time and confront Fred, with help of Zack and his Wild Knights. The attack in Great Fred provoke a rebellion in his mutant subjects. The tyrant is toppled and killed and the Ex Mutants are put in lab tubes to restore their health.

In the aftermath, Dr Cugat takes control of the mutant city and incite a new religion, with the Ex-Mutants as gods, to secure his rulership. When they are reawakened, they are uncomfortable with the new treatment. When Dr. Cugat kills a Great Fred partisan, the Ex-mutants abandon him.

They return to the Wild Knights village but discover that it was destroyed by a mutant warlord called Frog. Frog captures them and jailed them with the Wild Knights. Distressed by the failure of his project, Dr Cugat snaps, rescues his children from Frog and decides to destroy them and the city of Brooklyn with a Russian nuclear bomb.

Shattered Earth

After a legal battle, Malibu Comics continued the story with ''Ex mutants: the Shattered Earth Chronicles''. It's revealed that the atomic bomb that destroyed Brooklyn, was a special dimensional bomb, sending the Ex-Mutants and Dr Cugat to different dimensions. After a time, the Ex mutants returned to Earth with the asistence of an alien mentor, Simak. They were in a misssion to reddeem humanity. Meanwhile Dr Cugat went to a hellish dimension, when he meet his New Ex-Mutants, that were mutated by the bomb. Lorelei was left behind in Samora, to expand her latent pyschic powers and help in the bringing of civilization to Earth.

In the Earth , the Ex-mutants toppled a tyrant that acted like a executive for a murderous variant of beisbol. They also entered in the domain of a warlord called Baron Wasteland and battled the Sorcerer Dahlgren, brother of Simak. Dahlgren is helped by Dr. Cugat, who wanted to destroy his old children. In the battle for the tower of Dahlgren, Baron Wasteland and the sorcerer Dahlgren are killed.Dr Cougat fell in a bottomless pit after confronting his "son and daughters" and becoming very disappointed about them. Simak become infected with a disease provoked by his brother and died. The Ex-Mutants settled sown in the Baron's Domain, but did nothing to improve the situation until that Lorelei returned to recreate civilization in a consumerism manner.


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