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    Character » Evolvo Lad appears in 51 issues.

    Evolvo Lad is a member of the 30th Century super-hero team known as the Heroes of Lallor.

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    Evolvo Lad was created by Edmond Hamilton & John Forte. His first appearance was in Adventure Comics # 324- The Legion of Super Outlaws, Sept. 1964.


    Boy's got some smarts
    Boy's got some smarts

    Sev Tcheru is the leader of the Heroes of Lallor, using his powers in the defense of his planet. As a member of the Heroes of Lallor, he was one of the five born and was raised alongside the other heroes by the government, only to be banished for disobeying the dictatorship of the planet. Evolvo Lad's superpower is to assume the form of an evolved, or devolved, version of himself. When he is evolved, his brain becomes larger and he becomes much smarter. When devolved, he has been shown to be stronger, even assuming an ape form.

    Sometime later Evolvo Lad and his teammates are tricked into battling the Legion of Super heroes by a relative of the Jungle King. However teammate Duplicate boy and Legionnaire Shrinking Violet fell in love despite their teams conflict.The two teams eventually part peacefully remaining as allies.

    Evolvo Lad along with the rest of his team then assist the Legion as well as the entire universe in battling Darkseid as well as his Daxamite army, in their attempt to conquer the universe. Following Darksied's defeat, he and along with the rest of the Heroes of Lallor help in the rebuilding and recovering of people.

    Powers and Abilities


    Evolvo Lad has the curious and unique ability to switch between two other forms- a Cro-Magnon-like super-strong form, and a giant-brained "evolved" smart form. This allowed him to be both a Team Smart Guy and a Team Powerhouse, and offers a unique set-up- two sets of powers in an Array (sort of like Ultra-Boy), giving him quite a few options.


    Marital Status: single

    Known Relatives: None

    Group affiliation: Heroes of Lallor

    Base Of Operations: Lallor

    Eyes: Blue Hair: White (bald at times)

    Height: 5'11"(variable when evolving) Weight: 180 lbs(variable when evolving)


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    Evolvo Lad has a tall, thin, fit, and athletic frame. He has buzzed platinum blond hair, and has blue eyes. He wears a blue costume that leaves his face bare. His boots, wrists, torso, and trunk are yellow. However both his Cro-Magnon-like form, and a giant-brained "evolved" smart form always retain the same costume whenever switching forms.


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