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    Evilhawk is an enemy of Darkhawk. Originally reptilian from the planet Luq, he now inhabits an android body similar to that of Darkhawk.

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    Born on the planet Luq, Dargin Bokk was a criminal crime lord who forced five of the most knowledgeable scientists in the universe to create an expendable android army for the purpose of selling. Having taken them against their will the scientists resisted, causing an explosion in which Dargin's body was destroyed, forcing his conciousness to remain within one of the androids he had been utilising.


    Dargin Bokk - (Evilhawk) is a Marvel character created by Danny Fingeroth, first appearing in Darkhawk #20

    Character Evolution

    Originally a reptilian humanoid, Dargin established himself as a powerful crime lord within the universe, creating a strong empire through various nefarious ventures. The most ambitious of these was to create an android army he would in turn sell to the highest bidder. Coercing scientists into assisting him in his scheme, he found himself trapped within one of the five androids created when the ship his physical body was in was destroyed in an explosion. Now Evilhawk, he went in search of another person on Earth who he discovered was using the same Darkhawk technology with the intent to kill him.

    Major Story Arcs

    Dargin Bokk coerced the best scientists in the universe to create a replicable android army. There were six in total, each responsible for a specific attribute to the Darkhark prototype. Mondu invented the process of which consciousness could be transferred to a separate holding unit, Mandeja invented the transportation in which this could be possible, Byron (an Earthling) created weaponized androids, Graczia who invented telepathic devices and Kiq and Osch; the former responsible for creating and harnessing a techno-virus - the latter discovering a dimension referred to as "Null Space."

    Evil over Dark
    Evil over Dark

    The six scientists attempted to escape by taking possession of the five androids and attacked Bokk's crew aboard his spacecraft. During the battle Bokk damaged Mandeja's android, forcing her to return to the ship for repairs but he murdered her, taking the amulet required to transfer conciousness. Taking control of the android Mandeja previously occupied Bokk almost destroyed the ship, killing everyone on board and obliterating the bodies of the remaining scientists. When Osch tried to return to his body he died but his consciousness was transferred to the ship itself which allowed time for Byron and Mondu to transfer their consciousnesses to Bryon's home planet, Earth.

    Discovering another android like him, Bokk travelled to Earth and fought Darkhawk - destroying the hero's armour and forcing his consciousness back into his body although the amulet required to transfer into the androids remained in his possession. Osch revived Chris (Darkhawk's human form) and told him the truth behind the Darkhawk technology in that Evilhawk and him were in essence, the same consciousness. Evilhawk entered the Null space dimension to get the amulet but Chis become Darkhawk again and defeated the villain who in turn was unable to possess another android and is now trapped in a psychic plane of existence.

    Powers and Abilities

    In his reptilian form, Bokk had all the attributes of his race and these were greatly amplified when he took on the form of Evilhawk,. He was a master fighter, planner and strategist and extremely strong-willed. Through the use of the Evilhawk android, he was capable of projecting concussive blasts, both telescopic and infra-red vision along with flight. Bokk also used a cable with a claw end to grapple things/people with.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height5'11" (Evilhawk unknown)

    Weight: 195 lbs., (Evilhawk 235 lbs)

    Eyes: Red

    Hair: Black

    Extraordinary Features: Green scaly skin, with clawed appendages and reptilian features although as Evilhawk, he had no distinguishable features outside of the android's armour.


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