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    Slave driver from Saturn and founder of the first incarnation of Villainy Inc.

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    Eviless is a slave driver from Saturn and Captain of the women on the planet. She initially was teamed up with Duke Mephisto Saturno, but the pair were defeated by Wonder Woman. Later on, she would free the prisoners of Transformation Island (a place where Wonder Woman often incarcerated the criminals she captured in order to redeem them) and unite them as the first incarnation of Villainy Inc. Eviless was able to capture Hippolyta in there first attack. She and her teammates were eventually defeated once again by Wonder Woman who rescued her mother from Eviless.

    Eviless may or may not have fought Wonder Woman using the alias 'Saturnette'. Eviless and Saturnette are very much alike, aside from hair colour. However, this could have been a disguise or an aesthetic change on Eviless' part. It seems very likely that the two characters were intended to be the same.

    Eviless has not appeared post-Crisis.

    Powers and Abilities

    Eviless did not display any superhuman powers. She appeared to be trained in hand-to-hand combat and skillfully wielded a bull whip.


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