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    Character » Evil Star appears in 88 issues.

    Evil Star relies upon the "star band" he created for both power and life.

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    Resolving to conquer death itself, a scientist of the planet Aoran developed the "star band", a device that would lengthen the lifespan of the wearer, perhaps to that of the very stars themselves. However, the scientist had not reckoned with the possibility of side effects. Unfortunately, the device caused anyone who came into contact with it to commit only evil acts.

    Years later, the being who now called himself Evil Star laughed as his wife and son grew old, while he remained young. Occasionally, he would remove the star band and shun its evil ways, but he feared death more than his own self-hatred. In the end, he always put the band on again.

    Eventually the people of Aoran could stand his evil no longer. They warred against Evil Star and he slew them all. Seeking new worlds to conquer, Evil Star realized he would soon have to eliminate the Guardians of the Universe who would naturally oppose him. Though his star band was a weapon of almost limitless potential, Evil Star also produced five Starlings - artificial, miniature, virtually mindless clones who were almost as strong as Evil Star himself and utterly invulnerable, as well.

    Thus armed, Evil Star attacked the Guardians but was ultimately defeated by Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 and imprisoned. Evil Star has escaped on several occasions, but each time he has battled the Emerald Gladiator, he has lost and been returned to his Sciencell.

    When the Green Lantern Central Power Battery imploded after the "death" of the renegade Sinestro, Evil Star was one of the many interstellar criminals who escaped imprisonment on Oa. While Hal Jordan was occupied on Oa, Evil Star fled to Earth and joined forces with Goldface. The two rogues were able to briefly separate the Lantern from his power battery but even together they could not defeat their mutual enemy. While Goldface escaped, Evil Star was re-captured and placed in a rehabilitation community overseen by the Guardians.

    Sometime later, Evil Star would be transferred to a low-level security facility for further rehabiliation. He had been making great strides in his progress in renouncing his evil ways and his want for immortality and power was giving way to feelings of guilt and remorse. Unfortunately, during an experimental treatment procedure, his dormant subconscious urges resurfaced and the previously directionless Starlings were given a new purpose to focus on - freeing their master. Upon his escape, Darkstars and Green Lanterns alike were called in to apprehend the villain After fighting off the Starlings and the villain himself, the heroes were able to apprehend Evil Star and take him into custody.

    With the Underworld Unleashed, Evil Star was freed by the demon, Neron, and given enhanced Starlings. Still, Evil Star was defeated once more by Ferrin Colos and Guy Gardner and returned to confinement.

    With his most recent escape, Evil Star has been revealed as the secret manipulator behind Black Hand's transformation through experiments performed by Kroloteans. He has also been mentioned as oppressing the home world of Blue Lantern Sister Sercy.

    Other Media


    Justice League Unlimited

    Evil Star in Justice League Unlimited
    Evil Star in Justice League Unlimited

    Evil Star is a minor character in the DC Animated Universe. He was in a few episodes in the show Justice League Unlimited as a member of the Secret Society; voiced by an uncredited George Newbern. He was first seen in "The Cat and The Canary", in Roulette's Metabrawl cage fighting. Later in "The Great Brain Robbery" when Lex Luthor's mind switched with Flash's he was referred to as Evil-Head Guy. In "Alive!" and "Destroyer" Evil Star was seen flying around and shooting his blasts as members of the society fought during Luthor's and Grodd's power struggle over leadership of the villain team. He is one of the few members of the Secret Society that survives after both the attempted coup and the invasion of Darkseid's forces.


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