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    Character » Evil Monkey appears in 5 issues.

    The Evil Monkey is a small Monkey who lived in the Closet of Chris Griffins Bedroom. He has since moved out.

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    The Evil Monkey is a small monkey who lives in the closet of Chris Griffin. A Recurring joke on the Family Guy show and comic is Chris not wanting to go up to his room because "The Evil monkey lives in my closet!"

    People generally think he's crazy to think such a thing or ignore him. But when Chris goes to his room, A Monkey pops out of his closet pointing his Finger at Chris with an Angry Expression.

    He wasn't always evil. Upon returning from work to tell his wife of his new promotion to partner, he was startled to find her in bed with another monkey. The three monkeys began to throw a tantrum by jumping up and down and screaming. Following the tantrum, he then pointed with an angry expression at his wife (The same gesture he gives Chris when he enters his room). It should be noted that before becoming evil, he wore a business suit and hat; he also talked and was in a exceptionally good mood (Probably due to his promotion).

    The Evil Monkey has been seen smoking pot while Chris was away from home. He was also once seen by Peter while he was running and screaming down the upstairs hallway. Upon seeing him, Peter exclaimed "Go away, Meg!" and continued running, to which the Evil Monkey replied with a confused look on his face.

    Most Recently Chris said "But he's not as evil as he was ever since he became a Jehovah's Witness". 
    Recently the evil monkey left Chris's closet and started a new life in Jake Tucker's closet. It is revealed that he twitches because he has a copper deficency and that he points because he is trying to make conversation. He also became good friends with Chris and somewhat replaced Peter as his father. The evil monkey has not been heard from since.


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