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Paul Bonaparte's family had a long criminal history dating back centuries in Europe, including robber barons and torture experts. In the 1940s, Bonaparte had his family's ancestral castle, Hagmoor, moved to the United States. He did this in hopes of expanding the Bonapartes' criminal legacy to the new world. Once in America, he built himself a suit of armor that made him highly resistant to injury, a helmet that gave him enhanced hearing, and a sword that could generate flame, adapting the new identity of the Evil Knight.

Evil Knight's first actions as a costumed criminal were to try and steal a shipment of paintings bound for Europe that were being held in America for safe keeping during the war. Unfortunately for the Evil Knight, the sounds of his struggle with security brought Captain America and Bucky onto the scene. The two heroes were not anticipating Evil Knight's advanced weaponry however and it provided a chance for him to escape.

Somehow, Captain America and Bucky were able to track the theif back to Hagmoor Castle and attempted to ambush him there. However, the enhanced hearing mechanism in Evil Knight's helmet tipped him off to the heroes' trap and he once again gained the upper-hand in capturing the duo. Evil Knight then left his prisoners shackled in his dungeon while he went out to commit another crime. Captain America and Bucky managed to break free of their bonds in time to thwart his plans once again. Evil Knight attempted to defeat Cap and Bucky by dousing the lights in the room they were in and using his enhanced hearing to once again gain an advantage. Sadly for Evil Knight, Captain America had gotten wise to his tricks and faked him out by relaying his real instructions to Bucky via Morse Code and verbally giving false ones. After being knocked out a window by Captain America, Evil Knight fled the scene of the crime once again. In a nearby junkyard where the Evil Knight had fled, Cap and Bucky managed to douse the flames of Evil Knight's flaming sword and us a magnetic crane to apprehend him until the authorities came.

Evil knight's subsequent activities are unknown.

Powers & Abilities

Paul Bonaparte had no superhuman abilities. Bonaparte did however possess some mechanical intellect as he designed his suit of armor and flaming sword. He also showed some proficiency with the use of bladed weapons.

Weapons & Paraphernalia

As Evil Knight, Bonaparte wore a suit of armor that made him resistant to physical injury including gunfire of unknown caliber. The suit's helmet also contained a mechanism that gave Bonaparte enhanced hearing. As Evil Knight, Bonaparte also wielded a sword that generated flames allowing it to cut through most conventional metals.


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