Evil Eye

    Character » Evil Eye appears in 6 issues.

    Member of the Monster Society of Evil and henchman of Mr. Mind.

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    The original Evil Eye was a monster member of the Monster Society of evil and a henchman for Mr. Mind with mesmerizing powers. Beyond that, there was no background for the character. He clashed against the original Captain Marvel whne he was in his human form. Evil Eye hypnotized Billy Batson when the boy discovered where Mr. Mind and Evil Eye where hidden, but accidentally broke the spell by snapping his fingers. He tried to hypnotize Captain Marvel as well, but the hero was unaffected and destroyed the operation.


    In the Rebirth series of SHAZAM!, the background of the character, and his physical appearance was changed and expanded: he is now a creature of lovecraftian appearance native from the Monsterlands with only one eye. It was prisioner along with the other members of the Monster Society and was freed by Sivana. The Evil Eye is ready to fight against the champion of magic.


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