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Evil-Eye Fleegle, an otherwise petty zoot-suited hood, apparently standing only four and a half feet tall and living in Brooklyn NY,  has one unique ability which was taught to him by his mother.

When he concentrates a destructive beam shots from one of his eyeballs.

Called by him a “Whammy” it has three settings:

A single whammy can knock a dozen men unconscious for a day, a double whammy can make the stone head of Teddy Roosevelt on mount Rushmore weep, and the triple whammy can melt a battle ship.

Anything more powerful than a single whammy however tires out Fleegle for the rest of the day, or the rest of the week in the case of a triple.

The dreaded quadruple whammy, which only Fleegle’s mother can perform, is said to be to horrible to contemplate.     


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