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The seemingly impossible has happened. Despite all the attempts to stop him and all the bloodshed spilled against him, Evil Ernie has launched the United States' armament of nuclear warheads on the rest of the world, triggering World War 3.  
After the launch Mary sets a nuke in a locker and puts a timer on in an effort to finally rid the world of Evil Ernie. There are now only a few minutes before the world comes to an end, and as Rick, Mary and Billy Young all escape the Norad bunker, Dr.Price and Ernie finally face eachother one on one. As the battle between the two escalates, scenes of before and after a nuke explodes are shown around the world with capital cities like Moscow and Berlin being completely obliterated.  
Ernie rips Price's arm off an gains the upperhand in battle while the Young's get in a helicopter and achieve a safe distance between them and the bunker. In the last scenes depicting Evil, he rips off Price's head and ask it "Do you see now?" To which Price's head replies "Yes and it's beau-" but the two are engulfed in the explosion from Mary's bomb and are completely destroyed.  
After the explosion, Mary informs her brothers that she is going her own way to finally rest after years of pursuing Evil Ernie. As she walks away, her brothers stand watching her worriedly, all the while a mushroom cloud bearing Evil's face grins as it watches over them. So ends the Evil Ernie saga....for now.....

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