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Mary Young is working relentlessly in building the machine based on her Neurotech dream-probe for Evil Ernie. Ernie has added living to his ranks of minions and gives her live scientist to help. She constructs a device and installs it in a throne for Ernie while Lady death struggles in her state of limbo. Chastity  watches from the rafters as the machine is switched on impressed by Ernie's dedication to his mistress. 
The machine works and Lady Death is drawn back towards earth as a massive wave of arcane energy ripples around the earth that causes a temporal reality shift.
In Pittsburgh Dr Price enacts operation Crippler, enhancing his ghoul control chip with Ernie's arcane energy. The corpse fails to reanimate and as Price ponders the reason the energy wave passes through activating Crippler who wakes and escapes the facility. Price's mind control fails but at least the tracking device is still active.  
Else where Michell Wardlow is having a heart attack as the energy passes through changing his life forever. Bedlam feels the energy and knows that this i the work of Seance.

Lady Death arrives on earth but scant seconds alter she collapses in Ernie's arms, she fears that Lucifer's curse is still in effect and Ernie learns the reason for his existence for the first time. With the shocks shaking the earth apart Ernie orders the scientists to send Lady Death to the Endless Graveyard.  
With less than 5 minutes to save the earth they are unable to work out how to do it but they can send her back to the void. Lady Death agrees but before she goes she lets Ernie know that it was Pagan that caused all this and kisses him.


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