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The second issue of the original Evil Ernie series.

In Ernie's mind Lady Death encourages him to aspire to more than just petty murders. He dreams of war across the USA and deposing the president and taking the seat of power for himself.

In the real world the doctors want to use the dream probe to help Ernie but its seems like only Price really listens to Ernie and he is afraid id Ernie gets more time with this Lady death he rave about i might just make him worse. Price is restrained before he can simply shoot Ernie as he is installed in the machine. Ernie mets his queen again and she tells him that with great power comes great responsibility. As they kiss the machine explodes killing Ernie.

The attending nurse pins a small smiley face button to Ernie's collar as he lies in the morgue. She bought it for him to celebrate his cure, which sadly never came to pass. Light shimmers and the benign smiley button shakes, grows a pair of crossed bones behind as its smile becomes a toothy maniacal grin and starts to growl.

Ernie rises from the gurney and dresses in a leather jacket, violently decapitating the stunned nurse. he tears his way through the staff and finds the dead in the morgue have risen to join him in his mayhem.

This series would be reprinted in 1996 with new cover art and bonus artwork.

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