Evil Deadpool

    Character » Evil Deadpool appears in 26 issues.

    A bunch of body parts of Deadpool put together making the merc without a conscience. With no motive, his mission is to kill everything. His reputation has subsequently earned him the nickname "Dreadpool."

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    When Deadpool is dealing with the psychopath Dr. Whitby, he sneaks into her apartment and finds a refrigerator full of Deadpool's own lost body parts and blood. Disgusted by this, he takes the body parts and throws them into a dumpster. The body parts somehow heal together and create Evil Deadpool. The first thing he does is kill the garbage men who are about to empty the dumpster.

    Next, Evil Deadpool hijacks a airplane to America and kills everyone on board including the pilots, then he crashes the plane onto a bridge, Deadpool just happened to be on as he was walking to his favorite Mexican restaurant. Evil Deadpool beat him there, ate and then torched the place. The two had a short fight, but decided it would be more fun if they were better prepared. They each agreed on getting armament from different stashes Deadpool has, but they both lied to each other and Evil Deadpool ambushed Deadpool at a different stash that had the best weapons. Evil Deadpool didn't know it but Deadpool booby-trapped them, both escaped the explosion but Evil Deadpool disappeared right before Captain America showed up and attacked.

    Evil Deadpool then headed to a Chinese restaurant which was actually Mr. Negative's hideout. Evil Deadpool asks Mr. Negative for the most horrifying job there is. So Evil Deadpool was hired to kill a certain kid. Deadpool finds out what his evil counterpart is doing and tries to stop him but we see Evil Deadpool in a apartment with a unconscious Captain America.

    So Evil Deadpool kidnaps a Police officer's kids and keeps them hostage while blaming it on Deadpool.

    Deadpool eventually finds Evil Deadpool and fight. Evil Deadpool gets the upper hand by using a teleporter and eventually teleporting into a room where the hostage kids are while Deadpool is planting Semtex on the door to the room. Evil Deadpool then steals the detonator to the semtex and sets off a bag of explosives that was right next to him instead of the planted explosions. Deadpool then has the officer whose kids were kidnapped take his kids and run. Evil Deadpool then talks to Deadpool about how everybody will always see Deadpool as a monster and that Evil Deadpool loves being a monster, taking off his mask showing his horrifying face. Captain America then arrives with a bunch of officers and decides to take out both Deadpools. A mysterious dart is then fired and hits Evil Deadpool, then the officers fired at Evil Deadpool. Deadpool then goes to Evil Deadpool and sees that Evil Deadpool's face is normal and tells Deadpool he's dying. Evil Deadpool then dies from the gunshot wounds.

    Powers and Abilities

    Evil Deadpool has the same powers/abilities as Deadpool except this Deadpool has no moral code so he kills with little to no purpose. One of his arms is backwards so he can shoot better from behind. Also his head has been dead for two years so Evil Deadpool has no memory of what Deadpool did the last two years. He also has a teleporter which makes it easy for him to escape dangerous situations or when fighting. Also instead of yellow speech boxes, Evil Deadpool's speech box is black with yellow print.


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