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John Marlowe is introduced as a wealthy socialite, inventor, and art connoisseur in the cartoon universe established by The Batman. Having invented a device capable of duplicating matter, Marlowe's own clone supplants the original and starts a life of crime as the Everywhere Man.


Everywhere Man was written by Greg Weisman and voiced by Brandon Routh. His first appearance was in The Batman episode "The Everywhere Man" which aired on November 4th, 2006.

Major Story Arcs

The Batman

John Marlowe made his fortune as an inventor, using his financial gains to amass a large art collection. Working on quantum theory projects for the government, Marlowe successfully developed a device he termed "the Quantex." Capable of creating energy duplicates of matter, Marlowe experimented on himself - generating a second copy to use as a lab assistant. The copy eventually rebelled against the original, taking Marlowe hostage and acquiring the Quantex for himself. Adopting the identity of the Everywhere Man, the duplicate formed an army of quantum copies and set about acquiring new pieces for the art collection.

The duplicate Marlowe hosted a showcase of the private art collection, discussing his recent acquisitions with the curator of the Gotham Museum of Art. Their conversation was interrupted by a costumed Everywhere Man, who fought both Marlowe and Batman before disappearing from a locked broom closet. A second art heist drew the attention of Batman and Robin, who confronted the thief. Everywhere Man used his still-secretive technology to befuddle the Dynamic Duo and escape. Leaving behind quantum copies of the artworks, the GCPD and museum curator were duped into believing nothing was actually stolen.

A hair from the crime scene is analyzed back at the Batcave - matching Bruce Wayne's close friend John Marlowe. Unconvinced of Marlowe's involvement, due to their close friendship, Batman agrees to re-investigate the robbery locations. Trace amounts of quantum radiation are found at both areas - and covering the entire body of the Marlowe duplicate. A further investigation into Marlowe's building reveals the truth behind the Everywhere Man, with the copy explaining his origins and willingness to use the Quantex to a captive Batman.

The real John Marlowe is found and freed by Robin. In order to even the odds, Marlowe outfits the Boy Wonder with a prototype Quantex - leading to a skirmish of Everywhere Men versus Robins. As the copy Marlowe's army gains the upper hand, Batman uses the fear of being "recalled" into the Quantex against the duplicates. A brawl breaks out between loyal and rebellious copies, forcing the original Everywhere Man to recall every last clone. Before he can restart the duplication process, the real Marlowe activates the Quantex and deletes the Everywhere Man.

John Marlowe eventually donated his entire art collection to the Gotham Museum of Art, hoping to make up for Everywhere Man's thievery.

The Batman Strikes

Everywhere Man makes a cameo appearance in issue #45 of the tie-in comic series.

Cultural References

Everywhere Man attempts to steal a painting called "Existential Angst". This phrase refers to fear of life's freedom - which is what the real John Marlowe feels after confronting his risk-taking doppelganger.


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