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    Lex Luthor offered meta-gene therapy to give regular people superpowers

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    After clearing his name in the aftermath of Infinite Crisis, Lex Luthor began offering meta-gene therapy to regular people in order to give them superpowers. Participants would be tested for exo-gene compatibility and those that were approved were then hand picked by Lex Luthor to begin treatment. Of the many that were given superpowers, he chose several to represent Lexcorp and the Everyman Project as the new Infinity Inc.

    The others who had been given powers were left to their own devices without any training and attempted to fight crime. A group of inexperienced superheroes attempted to take down a renegade Skeets alongside a Firestorm-led Justice League and they were all killed.

    It was uncovered by John Henry Irons and a group investigating the Project that Lex Luthor had included a shut off switch into each Everyman's exo-gene. It was also discovered that the sole purpose of the Everyman Project was to test out the meta-gene therapy on others before Luthor used it on himself. At the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, Lex Luthor deactivated the superpowers of every Everyman, save for those in Infinity Inc. Most of the Everymen had their powers turn off on them mid-flight and they fell to their deaths above Metropolis.

    After Lex Luthor's crimes were revealed and he had been defeated, the survivors of Infinity Inc went through changes. Their exo-genes mutated and they developed new powers, ones that carried more mental weight. Natasha Irons went from having light-based powers to having water-based powers, Fury went from having claws and agility to having a super strong female alter ego, Nuklon went from having super strength to being able to split into two.

    Infinity Inc.

    • Starlight - Natasha Irons was pushed through the program and made leader of Infinity Inc. to get to John Henry Irons. Becomes Vaporlock when her powers change.
    • Skyman - Killed and eaten by Everyman
    • Everyman - Discovered to be evil and has been active in the villain community ever since
    • Nuklon - Becomes Double Trouble when his powers change. He is later killed by his double, seeking to be free of the original.
    • Fury - Becomes Amazing Woman when his powers change.
    • Trajectory - Killed by Blockbuster under the scheming of Lex Luthor when he realized she was on to his plans.
    • Jade - Was introduced as a new member of the team on Thanksgiving Day.
    • Matrix - Was introduced as a new member of the team on Thanksgiving Day.
    • Empathy - A Everyman victim who joined Infinity Inc, led by Steel, after Lex Luthor's defeat.

    Those killed by Skeets


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