Evergreen City

    Location » Evergreen City appears in 30 issues.

    Green Lantern Hal Jordan resided here for a time.

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    Located approximately 50 miles west-southwest of Spokane, Washington, Evergreen City (Evergreen for short) was where Hal Jordan moved to when he decided not to commit to a relationship with Carol Ferris. Feeling he could no longer work with her, Jordan went on the road to find himself and start a new direction, eventually settling in Evergreen. Taking a job as an Insurance Claims Adjuster at the Evergreen Insurance Company, Jordan still did his duty as Green Lantern, taking on costumed criminals such as Major Disaster, Lamplighter, Hector Hammond and Doctor Polaris, as well as Bill Baggett and other small time crooks. After having dated a few women in Evergreen and even becoming genuinely attracted to one in particular only to find she was soon to be married, Hal decides he has spent enough time in Evergreen and moves on.

    Evergreen City is then seen as one of the cities collected by Appa Ali Apsa and placed on Oa as part of the Mosaic World in an attempt to quell the Mad Guardian's sense of loneliness by abducting places to which he had visited. Without a way to return the cities to their proper locations, the residents had to adjust to their situation and life on a different planet. Green Lantern John Stewart was made steward of the Mosaic World until it had to be evacuated. The residents have since been returned to Earth and have rebuilt Evergreen City.


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