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    The first mother, a resident of the Dreaming and a keeper and protector of nightmares

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    Created by God to live in the Garden of Eden with her husband Adam, Eve was responsible for eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge and causing humanity to be expelled from paradise. She was also the first mother. This story of Eve was invited by Dream to live in the Dreaming. She took residence in a cave there, where she is always attended by a raven.


    Eve first appeared in Secrets of Sinister House #6, created by Joe Orlando and Michael Kaluta. She is based on the biblical figure of Eve.

    Character Evolution

    Bronze Age

    In her initial Bronze Age appearances, Eve was not closely identified with the biblical Eve. Described as being about 1000 years old, the character was depicted as a wizened witch whose relationship to fellow hosts Cain and Abel was uncertain. Her exact nature and origins were similarly unclear; while certainly long-lived, it was unclear if she was immortal. She primarily served as a bookend character to frame horror anthology tales. Given the nature of her work, she was aware of the fourth wall and frequently interacted with the audience

    Modern Age

    In the Modern Age, Eve was significantly revamped to her current origin and powers. Now explicitly identified with the biblical Eve, she became a representation of the story of Eve, and the idea of the first mother.

    Major Story Arcs

    Horror Host

    Initially the caretaker of the Sinister House, Eve shares horror stories with people who visit her there. She makes frequent visits to the houses of other hosts to share stories, and eventually stages a hostile takeover of Destiny's House.

    The Sandman

    During Morpheus' absence from the Dreaming, Eve increasingly retreats into nightmares, looking down on the world from the top of her lonesome hill. When Dream returns she begins interacting with the others of the Dreaming again. When the infant Daniel enters the Dream she carries him to the House of Secrets, and joins Cain and Abel in sharing stories with him.

    The Dreaming

    Living in her cave, Eve occasionally interacts with fellow inhabitants of the Dreaming, and more rarely with dreamers who pass near her. When Matthew is pulled out of the Dreaming she pursues him into the waking world, calling upon the dead ravens to assist her. During the Nightmare War she resists the nightmares, and is captured and tortured by Echo. She is freed at the conclusion of the War.

    Powers and Abilities

    Eve is immortal, and has existed since the first story was told. Physically she is constantly aging, cycling rapidly between youth and old age; the exact length of a cycle, and the duration of each stage thereof, varies greatly. She possesses some magical skill, the extent and nature of which is largely unknown. She is an excellent storyteller.


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