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Eve is the liaison  to the Senior Partners themselves, appointed following Angel and the rest of Angel Investigations being appointed in charge of the L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart. While Eve had the appearance of a young and beautiful woman, she is not human, being a child of the Senior Partners, which because of this she is greatly distrusted by Angel and the rest of his group.
During the Wolfram & Hard Halloween party, Eve and Angel have sex due to mystical force being cause by Lorne. Following this, Eve meets and falls in love with former Wolfram & Hart lawyer Lindsey McDonald,  which she becomes part of his scheme to ultimately destroy Angel's resolve,  manipulating Angel into a  battle with Spike. and then sneaks a parasitic demon onto a sleeping Angel, then allowing Spike to save him. But her plan hits a snag, when Angel awakens and see's Eve putting the parasite onto him.  This greatly reduces the Angel Investigations crew little trust in her, and when the truth is revealed that she has been working with Lindsey, she is forced into hiding in Lindsey's apartment, that is covered in Rune's that mask her from the Senior Partner's who were looking for vengeance for her betrayal.

 Eve and Wolfram & Hart officially part ways when she is confronted by the latest liaison Marcus Hamilton, who has her ultimately sign away her eternal youth, but Eve is then placed under Angel's protection due to a legal clause found by Gunn. Eve ultimately spends a day with her boyfriend Lindsey, before he along with Angel and his crew attempt to take out the Circle of the Black Thorn, and Eve is extremely skeptical of Lindsey surviving the battle.  Following Angel killing of Hamilton the offices begin crumbling with Eve still inside, of where she should go from there.

Powers And Abilities

 Eve being liaison to the Senior Partners possessed eternal youth, along with a strong psychic connection to the partners that allowed her to feel there will, and gain the knowledge of whatever the Senior Partners deemed fit for her to know.

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