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    Character » Eve Teschmacher appears in 23 issues.

    Miss Teschmacher is Lex Luthor's somewhat loyal secretary and his assumed girlfriend.

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    Miss Teschmacher is Lex Luthor's lovely assistant from the "Richard Donner" Superman films, and shares a relationship with her employer similar to The Joker and Harley Quinn. Although she only makes a few cameos in the comics, in the Donnerverse Miss Eve Teschmacher is Lex Luthor's closest assistant and what she hints on to be his love interest, although she is also attracted to her employer's arch-foe Superman... She is commonly known for questioning Luthor's evil schemes, especially what he dubbed "The Crime of The Century", and even went as far as to commit an infidelity towards Lex during his plan by saving Superman from certain death when her boss attempted to drown him in his under-ground swimming pool with a chain with Kryptonite on the end. She Managed to get him out of the water just in time to dispose of his Kryptonite Necklace---After she made him promise to save her mother in Hackensack, New Jersey, since he never lies. Thus foiling Lex Luthor's evil plans and unwittingly having her boss sent to prison thanks to the Man of Steel.

    In Superman II, she uses a hot-air balloon to rescue her employer Lex Luthor from the State Penitentiary, along with his assistant Otis, who Luthor reluctantly leaves behind since he weighted down the balloon. (According to the "Superman II: Richard Donner Cut") She then offers Lex a vacation to somewhere romantic, like Paris, But Lex Insists he Wants to Go "North", to Superman's Fortress of Solitude, to learn the secret of Superman's abilities, and she again goes on with his plan. Teschmacher and Lex eventually arrive to Superman's secret lair, and activates the program of Jor-El to learn a bit about Superman's history, Such as one of his basic "Educational" Information Crystals which Jor-El explained about the nature of trees in, and another one where Jor-El recalls of the darkest chapter of Krypton's history, which concerned Three Rogue Kryptonians.

    Named Ursa, Non and their Ring Leader, General Zod, who plotted to overthrow The Council of Krypton, which resulted in their imprisonment in the Phantom Zone, which was the punishment Jor-El himself appointed them... Miss Teschmacher took no interest in the story, but her employer was fascinated in it... And the idea of Three Criminals with equal savvy of his own, all armed with the same powers as his foe Superman. But to both of their surprise, an Atomic Blast in the Earth's Atmosphere caused by Superman evacuating a Hydrogen bomb from the Eiffel Tower) Freed the Three Criminals from their Eternal Living Death, where they laid waste onto the world while Superman unwittingly gave up his powers in order to stay with his own love interest Lois Lane.

    Miss Teschmacher was from then almost not mentioned at all after that point, and was only seen in Superman's Fortress during the Man of Steel's final confrontation with the General and his co-horts. She was not seen again after her boss unwittingly tricked Zod into losing his powers, giving Superman a chance to dispose of him in a seemingly endless cavern in the Fortress. Her boss, Lex Luthor, was then seen getting brought back in the State Penitentiary thanks to Superman, and was not mentioned of again.


    On Earth-30, during the "Superman: Red Son" storyline, she made a cameo when Lex Luthor complains to her regarding Brainiac's inability to read a common road map... And she was also mentioned in JLA: Earth 2 when Alexander Luthor was filling in as the Matter Universe's Lex, and she was briefly seen after when Superman discovers his intentions to bring down the Crime Syndicade of Ameirka.


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