Evan St. Clair

    Character » Evan St. Clair appears in 1 issues.

    Con-man and friend of Argent.

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    Character History

    Evan is a partly-Native American gay man who works an astrology con. He lives a fairly dissolute life, partying, doing drugs, and being promiscuous. One day he is mugged by some skin heads, and is saved by Argent the Wolf. Argent runs off, but shows up wounded at Evan's apartment some weeks later. Evan helps him, and Argent ends up living with Evan.

    The two help each other. Argent helps him with people who think Evan is a pushover, and Evan helps Argent remember his humanity a little bit. They are a strange pair; Evan even sexually propositions Argent, but Argent says he can feel nothing but pain and hatred.

    The police eventually track down Argent to Evan's place and ask him to start working with them. They have someone (Barry Palumbo) who might help them get Grendel, and they want Argent as the go-between. Argent agrees and puts the plan in motion. Evan thinks it's a trap but can't stop Argent.

    Argent leaves to find Grendel as per the plan, but is ambushed by some assassins that shoot at him from the rooftops. Evan, however, figured out what was going on. He showed up on the roof as well, shot one of the men in the arm. His love for Argent--a more mature relationship than he had ever had before--gave him the strength to fend them off until Argent got away. The men shot Evan badly, but he survived. After that, Argent became obsessed with Grendel, and he never saw Evan again.


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