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    American comic book artist and writer.

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    Fanboy extraordinaire, Evan Dorkin has spent a lifetime making fun of himself. He started his career in the 80s with a comic called Pirate Corps, later renamed Hectic Planet, published by Eternity Comics. There was also a book called Wild Knights, which nobody I have asked ever saw a copy of. With the demise of Eternity, Evan took his next project, Milk and Cheese, to Slave Labor in 1991. The work was considered so pivotal in the annals of independent comics, that the graphic novel compilations of this series have never gone out of print to this day. Then in 1993, Dorkin came out with the first of 11 issues of Dork!, a loosely autobiographical farce, also published by Slave Labor.

    Also in 1991, Evan got his first job from Dark Horse, Predator: Big Game. This was followed in 1993 by Predator: Bad Blood. Although both these assignments were accepted for monetary compensation only, they lead to a relationship between Evan and Dark Horse which would pay off in spades many years later.

    He even did a short unmemorable stint with Marvel between 1991 and 1993 working on Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Comic Book. ‘Nuff said.

    In 2001, Dorkin was hired by DC to contribute to the Superman and Batman: World’s Funnest graphic novel. This led to an Eisner Award in 2002 in the category of Best Writer/Artist: Humor. Also for DC, Evan wrote and drew the Bizarro Comics graphic novel in 2001 and Bizarro World in 2005.

    In 2003, Dark Horse again approached Dorkin. He was teamed up with artist, Jill Thompson, to write a story about a group of dogs living on the imaginary “Burden Hill” for the Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft. The story was called “Stray” and it won Jill an Eisner Award in 2004 for Best Painter. Then in 2005, both Jill and Evan received Eisners in the category of Best Short Story for “Unfamiliar,” another story about their canine heroes that appeared in the Dark Horse Book of Hauntings.

    In September, Evan and Jill will return to Burden Hill for a 4-issue mini-series entitled Beasts of Burden. Says Evan about Whitey, one of the principal characters, “For the naïve dog I used a Jack Russell terrier because it's small, it's scrappy, and I think that's the kind of dog from the Thin Man movie and I always liked that kind of dog.”

    In addition to comics, Dorkin has also written for animation, including Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and the Superman animated series.


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