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Eva Grey
Eva Grey
Eva Grey is on the grey sisters and has a psychic link with all her kin. She is particularly close with her blonde haired sister Anna (similarly her darker haired sisters Mathilde and Giselle seem to be closer) who is somewhat homicidal.

She has a high ranking governmental role for the Kaiser and as a Grey is charged with his protection. When he sister, and personal body-guard to the Kaiser, is accused of his murder she and Anna set out to find her. But not before she brutally slays the men who bring her the information that could incriminate her younger sister.

On their journey they meet up with Mathilde and have her go to protect the Queen and she confirms that her psychic link with Giselle is broken but they all feel she is alive. Anna kills anything that gets in their way as Eva tries to negotiate their way to Giselle, even old friends and acquaintances. When they meet up with Howard Marber Eva spares his life and sends him on a mission to deliver some news.

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