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    Eva is the Daughter of Dracula and a fierce warrior against the darkness.

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    When Vlad Tepes's wife died he made a deal with what he thought was a envoy of god to exchange. The deal was his soul for his wife's life. But the envoy was really a demon and changed Vlad into vampire Dracula, and the demon didn't bring back his wife as promised. Dracula cursed god and became a monster. What he didn't know was a part of his wife did come back in the form of Eva, a small baby.

    She was delivered to Brother Miran by a pack of wolves. She had the mark of Saint George and Miran knew who she was.

    She exhibited an uncanny ability to find the black influences among men and wipe it out. She had been touched by the same demon that had touch her father. She has been with Brother Miran destroying her father's influence ever since.


    • Superhuman Strength: Eva is stronger than most Vampires and Werewolves; she kicked a Werewolf through a steel subway door with little effort, ripping the door of its hinges, and she tossed members of The Brotherhood of The Darkness through a wooden door with great force.
    • Superhuman Speed: She is fast enough to side-step bullets fired at point-blank.
    • Superhuman Endurance: She has beyond-Human endurance; she was only stunned when a Vampire smashed a bottle on her head.
    • Healing Factor: Eva was able to slowly recover from a bullet to the shoulder and being impaled through her torso.
    • Empathy: She could sense the presence of Orlok and the emotions of The Brotherhood monks.
    • Hunting Skills: She is a skilled Vampire and Werewolf hunter and is a master swords-woman.

    Major Story Arcs

    Army of Darkness Ash vs Dracula

    Eva has discovered the Spike of the Crucifixion, the only object powerful enough to kill Dracula, but it is stolen by Doctor Von Heinrich so she joins Ash in trying to get it back.


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