Eva Kant

    Character » Eva Kant appears in 223 issues.

    Eva is the very beautiful and skilled partner, accomplice and lover of Diabolik.

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    Lady Kant at her first appearance (art by Luigi Marchesi)
    Lady Kant at her first appearance (art by Luigi Marchesi)

    Angela and Luciana Giussani will always be remembered for having created Diabolik, the most famous and celebrated Italian comics in 1962. But their second stroke of genius, in some ways even more original and full of potential developments of the first, date in March 1963 and is named Eva Kant. A woman as only two women could invent, different from all the heroines that preceded it and all those who try in vain to imitate the charm.

    No other character has been so punctually in deams and aspirations of the Italian boys.

    Blonde, beautiful, green eyes, the companion of the King of Terror is the first episode No 3, "The arrest of Diabolik "; which looks like a fascinating and ambiguous widow of Lord Kant. Shows an immediate coolness and determination equal to that of Diabolik, saved in extremis by the guillotine. In time soften its image with a refined and mysterious sensuality, antithetical to all vulgarity, building a solid and couple relationship based on sharing the same lifestyle. A strong and independent woman, even then, but agrees to remain in the shadows of the King of Crime. But only the beginning, mind you, because, in register and register every year, readers can follow his path emancipation, outside and inside. best: retreat.

    Today Eva Kant can be independent, to shine its light, even on the side of Diabolik. And sometimes, even alone.

    It has been over thirty years trying

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    to earn the scene of Eva Kant, transgressed his companion, with eight humorous stories written by Mario Gombola and Alfredo Castelli, designed by Giancarlo Alessandrini, published in Cosmopolitan magazine. Then the operation "official" was stopped in the bud (perhaps by a jealous and envious Diabolik), but he had a creeping development. Increasingly, then, Eve, was the main character of significant episodes of regular series (one for all: The shadow of death, 4 of 1994, when Diabolik is due out on pages 100 to 120) and has become the privileged testimonial disclosure manuals (When a woman has to defend in 2001) of advertising campaigns (Renault Twingo), promotional calendars (Faac 2002), music videos (Tiromancino) and many other initiatives.

    But the consecration of the success was the conquest of a magazine, consistent with a title: in 2003 it appeared on newsstands, and with great success, the special register EVA KANT - WHEN THERE WAS NOT DIABOLIK. It took decades, but eventually won the day Eve. Why is ambitious, stubborn, pragmatic, determined. Like Diabolik.


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