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    Europo is a member of the G-Force a superhero team affiliated with G-Men, a superhero team founded by the wealthy entrepreneur John Godolkin. Although not the most powerful superhero team in the world the G-Men are the most profitable, with multiple teams associated with the franchise. As such they are highly valued by Vought-American. Europo presumably like most of his teams mates would have been abducted in his youth by John Godolkin and groomed to eventually be a superhero one day but officially and publicly recognized as an orphan. Europo would be the one to kill Dime Bag after Dime Bag was caught by the Boys, Europa doing so to silent the G-Wiz member who had been coerced into revealing the secrets of John Godolkin and the G-Men. He is among his teammates and various other teams associated with the G-Men when Vought-American decide to eliminate the entire group and John Godolkin for being too risky a group to keep control of.

    Europo is a Dynamite Entertainment comic book character, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. The character first appears in The Boys #24 released in 2008. A member of the superhero G-Men who are an analogue and parody of Marvel Comics mutant team X-Men, Europo himself is a parody/analogue of the German mutant Nightcrawler, both being teleporters, and with Europo's super name being a reference to Nightcrawler's nationality.


    Powers and Abilities

    Europa possesses teleportation powers.


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