European Defense Initiative

    Team » European Defense Initiative appears in 22 issues.

    The European equivalent of the Ultimates on Earth-1610.

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    The program is overseen by Professor Sir James Braddock. Several members, representing their respective countries are included in the European Defense Initiative (EDI) including:

    There are several others that remain unnamed counting at about 12. It is likely that they were still in their development phases as the EDI were not public at the time they were introduced.

    Each Member shares a similar power set. Super strength, speed, flight and a force field all derived from a powerful exo-suit.

    The active members of the EDI (above listed members) assist in bringing Thor into custody during Ultimates 2 and also free the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and the X-Men during the Liberators' attack on America and after the battle, are seen helping restore the Statue of Liberty.

    During Ultimatum, the EDI members were in the Houses of Parliament formulating a plan to bring Magneto down when Multiple Man broke in and sets off a bomb, killing the EDI heroes.


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