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    Euroforce is an European team of superheroes.

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    Euroforce is the name of an European Team of superhuman, with two incarnation: the original Euroforce, that was created in 1996 by Marvel Italia, the Italian division of Marvel Comics; and the new Euroforce that appeared for the first time in Avengers World n. 8.

    The original Euroforce was created by Xavier Marturet and Paco Diaz and lasted a five issues miniserie. The new Euroforce was created by Nick Spencer and Marco Checchetto.


    Marvel Italia

    The original Euroforce rose from the ashes of other two team: Task Force and Eurolab. Both those team were part of the Euromind: the European division of the S.H.I.E.L.D., under the directorship of former UN Blue Beret Francois Borillon, answering only to Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe (S.H.A.P.E.).

    Eurolab was a scientific research team, composed by high technical/scientific specialist, while Task Force was a rapid-reponse combat specialist unit, usually employed to defend/recover/aid the Eurolab.

    The members of Eurolab were Key, Danger, Deep Sight, Nuage and Picaro.

    The members of Task Force were Dragonfly, Argento, Blue Condor, Iceboy and Tiger.

    Investigating a U.F.O. crash site in Malaysia, Task Force discovered mutated corpses wearing the insigna of the french multinational Nadir Inc., and was attacked by three Japanese “super-armored cyborg mercenaries” called Lords of War (Sakuragi, Kaneda and Oda). The Lords of War killed Dragonfly and Blue Condor, and captured Iceboy. Tiger and Argento survived to the ambush and escaped thanks to the newly discovered Argento’s powers.

    Eurolab also was investigating on some case of mutate apparition, and when S.H.A.P.E. ordered an halt to investigations on mutate’s origins, the scientific team started to suspect corruption among the S.H.A.P.E. higher ranks.

    Hoping to show the evidence of a conspiracy and to rescue Iceboy, Tiger and Argento joined the members of Eurolab and fled from their base in Spain, but fake evidence was created by their enemy for accusing them of several murders of Euromind Agents.

    Francois Borillon saw the ruse but was unable to prove the truth. Trusting his friends and soldiers, he directed them, now joined together the Euroforce, to investigate in the Nadir’s Malaysia HQ, discovering that it was an A.I.M. base.

    After finding Iceboy, even if it was too late for save his life from mutating experiment, the Euroforce fight both A.I.M. agents and the Lords of War, but while escaping from the base, an attack of the Lords of War make their airplane explode, apparently killing the whole team.

    Instead, Euroforce survived, but Borrillon infom the S.H.A.P.E. (and indirectly, the A.I.M.) that the team had perished, leaving them free to operate as a covered team to find evidence of their innocence and of the corruption of both Euromind and S.H.A.P.E.

    All-New Marvel Now

    In 2014, in the City of Dead under Velletri, Italy, a new team called Euroforce appear, ordered by European Government to investigate on strange mystical energy and saving Avengers members Hawkeye, Spider-Woman and Night Mask from angry spirits.

    The members of the new Euroforce are Black Knight, Baby Killer, Sliver, Swordswoman, Tumult and the "founder" member Tiger. Also, Key is showned in a flashback while recruiting Black Knight as new field leader.

    The tie between this group and the original Euroforce must yet be fully discovered, but the Black Knight declare that they are “the new Euroforce”, confirming that they are somewhat their official offspring and that the name “Euroforce” have been rehabilitate.

    All-New All-Different Marvel

    After Secret Wars and the destruction/recostruction of the Marvel Omniverse, there are no information on what the Euroforce is doing and which are it members. Anyway, since Black Knight is now a Ruler of Weirdworld, it's very possible that Euroforce have a new leader.

    They were among the groups fighting Hydra in Secret Empire.


    The Official Marvel Handbook Vol. 4, under the entry "Euroforce", report: "Another group with unspecified ties to Euromind is Gemini, an Italian-based team assembled by former British intelligence agent Edwig Caine".

    Actually, in the orginal Europa series published by Marvel Italia there is shown no connection between the Gemini Team and Euroforce or Euromind. They are protagonist of two different series, totally separeted, that share only few things: having european heroes, having the same publisher [the now closed Italian Division of Marvel], being published on the same book and only in Italian [and however being both in continuity with Marvel Universe].


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