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    A group of mutants employed for killing Henrietta Hunter

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    Euro-Trash was formed by Europan officials who needed to deal with the magical resurrection of their most famous pop star Henrietta Hunter. The Europan government considered assassinating the superstar. Two agents of Europa, Dicky and Reggie after one failed assassination attempt, under the advice of Spike Freeman, assemble a mutant team, for the task of abducting Henrietta and assassinating her. They initiated a recruitment, viewing potential candidates by video before selecting The Wall, a German mutant, with the power of super strength, super size and rock like physical composition. Oxford Blue, an English mutant, with bright blue skin, and one singular large finger replacing what would normally be four on his hand, not including thumbs. Surrender Monkey an American who had relocated to France, a former CIA agent, he wished to instead be a hero, and his supposed mutant power was that of surrendering. Miz Tree, whose power appears to be related to chlorokinesis. Finally Blind Ali. An Iraqi mutant with powers that granted him superhuman senses, improved hearing, smell, taste and touch, not unlike Daredevil's powers. Euro-Trash succeeded in kidnapping Henrietta, however she managed to reason wit them over the merits of killing her, offering alternatives that might better reward and advantage Euro-Trash members. The superhero team X-Statix arrived however and most of Euro-Trash were neutralized.  


    Euro Trash is a Marvel comics team, most commonly associated with X-Statix. They were created by writer Peter Milligan and Mike Allred and they first appear in X-Statix #13 released in 2003. They are somewhat stereotypical and cliche on purpose due to the satirical elements prevalent in X-Statix.  

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