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A survivor in Woodbury, Eugene is one of the citizens who participates in the fights. He is seen using a baseball bat in the arena.


Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

Major Story Arcs

The fights in Woodbury are meant to be a show. Zombies are placed around the fighters to keep the action close without too many respites. Eugene gets lined into a fight with a fellow Woodbury citizen named Harold and the two duke it out. Harold, getting a little too heated, knocks Eugene in the face with a crowbar, effectually knocking out a majority of Eugene's teeth.

A few days later Eugene storms in to the infirmary and confronts Harold about his baseless tactics. Not hearing a valid excuse as to why Harold would give him such a permanent injury, Eugene stabs Harold in the neck in front of Rick and Dr. Stevens.

With few options left for the weekly fight, the Governor makes Michonne enter the arena. Eugene thinks he's up against a pretty battered and lowly girl. He's surprised when he gets immediately kicked in the nads and then beheaded.


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