Eugene Choi

    Character » Eugene Choi appears in 68 issues.

    One of the six kids that together fuse in Captain Thunder. He wields the wisdom of Solomon.

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    Major Story Arcs


    In the Reverse Flash altered world of Flashpoint, Eugene Choi is one of the six children adopted by the Becks, along with Billy and Mary Batson, Freddy Freeman, Pedro Pena and Darla Dudley. At some point, the Wizard gifted the six children with the powers of SHAZAM, and the ability to transform into Captain Thunder. The wizard did this with the intention of teaching the children to act together as a family. Eugene, in particular, was gifted with the Wisdom of Solomon. He feels more comfortable texting than confronting people face to face.

    Eugene, along with the rest of SHAZAM, are asked by Cyborg to combat Aquaman and Wonder Woman. However, he is one of the ones who turn down Cyborg's offer. Later, the five are contacted by the Flash and join him in taking the fight Europe. In London, Captain Thunder is taken apart by the Enchantress while fighting Wonder Woman, leaving the kids at the mercy of the Amazons.

    New 52

    Eugene is one of the Vasquezes' foster children when Billy Batson moves in. He is a smart boy of asian decent, and he states he likes to read, only non-fiction. He believes school is beyond rudimentary, and is surprised that some of the teachers have passed high school themselves, as he often corrects them. The Breyer Brothers pick on him later for not failing a test, but Eugene claims he doesn't want to mess up his perfect scores.


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