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Character Evolution

Golden Age

Etta meets Wonder Woman.
Etta meets Wonder Woman.

During World War II, Wonder Woman recruited Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls to aid her in her adventures. She was a loud and sassy character, notable for her rotund figure (which she was proud of). She would constantly eat candy and sweets, and would prefer the company of chocolates over men. Her entire family consisted of puns on Candy, such as Hard Candy, Sugar Candy, and her brother "Mint Candy." She also coined the phrase, "Woo Woo!" After her adventures with Wonder Woman, she became the secretary to General Phil Darnell. She then became Wonder Woman's roommate, though she was depicted as much less confident than she was in the Golden Age. Later, she regained her confidence, even disguising herself as Wonder Woman and battling the villains Cheetah, Silver Swan, and the Angle Man.

Silver/Bronze Age

Etta and Wonder Woman
Etta and Wonder Woman

When Robert Kanigher became writer and editor of the adventures of Wonder Woman, he made little use of Etta Candy and the Holiday girls. When he did, he portrayed Etta as an insecure, weight-conscious girl who followed but never led the girls in her sorority. This was in sharp contrast to Marston characterization of a bold, sassy, wisecracking leader. Despite a few appearances after Kanigher reintroduced her in 1960 (Wonder Woman #117) Candy was left in limbo for decades.

Etta Candy was revived twenty years later in 1980 (Wonder Woman #272), along with Steve Trevor and General Phil Darnell. In the years since her last appearance, Candy had not only graduated from Holiday College, but had become a Lieutenant and was on hand to welcome Wonder Woman back to her old job as Air Force officer Diana Prince something she hadn't done since 1968. Lieutenant Candy was featured as a secretary to Darnell and as Diana's roommate. Despite having been Wonder Woman's friend years previous, Candy had never met Diana Prince or learned her secret identity. Thus, from Candy's point of view, she and Prince met for the first time when Prince returned to the Air Force.

Modern Age

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Etta Candy was introduced as an Air Force officer and aide to Steve Trevor. When Ares attempted to start a global war, Etta helped Wonder Woman too stop the God of War and clear Steve Trevor's name after he had been deemed a murderer. She was extremely loyal to Steve, and madly in love. Eventually, he returned the feelings and the two became married. Etta Candy became a recurring character, often appearing insecure about her weight, or served as an ear for Wonder Woman.

Later, Etta Candy was brought in by Sarge Steel to keep an eye on Agent Diana Prince. She also joins Wonder Woman on several missions, until she is eventually put in a comatose state by the villain Genocide. Etta was recovered but continued to be hospitalized. Now fully active again it is revealed that she is working for Checkmate.

New 52

Etta, as she appears in the New 52
Etta, as she appears in the New 52

In 2011 DC Comics revamped and relaunched their entire comic catalog. In this new continuity, Etta Candy works as the secretary of Steve Trevor.

Alternate Versions

  • Etta Candy appears as an ally of Wonder Woman's in Wednesday Comics. She is depicted as similar to her Golden Age counterpart.
  • An alternate version of Etta Candy, morbidly obese, serves as a counselor for forgotten superheroes in Seven Soldiers: Zatanna.

Other Media

Etta in Wonder Woman 1975
Etta in Wonder Woman 1975
  • Etta Candy appears in the first season of the Wonder Woman television series (1975). She works as General Blankenship's secretary and has a close friendship with Diana Prince. She is portrayed by actress Beatrice Colen.
  • Etta Candy also appears in the 2009 animated Wonder Woman film. Unlike her comic book counterpart, this Etta is a thin, flirtatious woman. She attempts to get Steve Trevor's attention by acting helpless, but her plans are thwarted by Wonder Woman, who is baffled at how a woman could act that way. She is voiced by Julianne Grossman.
  • Etta Candy was set to appear in the Wonder Woman television series (2011), portrayed by Tracie Thoms. But the series did not get picked up.
  • Etta Candy will be portrayed by Lucy Davis in the (2017) feature film Wonder Woman.
Etta in Wonder Woman movie 2009
Etta in Wonder Woman movie 2009

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