He should be a dlc in Injustice

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The deamon knights version of him, some reasons for him in the game are, one not enough magic in the game, two needs claws on characters other than catwoman, three FIRE BELCHING it would be awesome if someone would belch fire and for a combo he would do a rhyme about how feable his opponet is. He would be awesome in the game and he deserves a chance in a video game as much as swamp thing or red tornado. How many of you agree with me on this?

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i wouldn't mind him eventually but we need Martian Manhunter first.

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It doesn't matter to me since the Wii U version probably won't get any DLC.

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Etrigan would be awesome as dlc.

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Having Martian Manhunter and Etrigan as dlc would be awesome. I also wouldn't mind having another Green Lantern character (preferably Kyle, but I think John Stewart would be more likely due to his popularity from the JL cartoon, which would be cool too). Then, if they want to keep the good guy/bad guy sides even, they could also add: Braniac, Gorilla Grodd, and someone from one of the other Lantern Corps (I'm thinking Atrocitus, Larfleeze, or the Black Lantern version of Black Hand).

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Yes. Yes, yes, yes. They should put him in.

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