Ethan York

    Character » Ethan York appears in 17 issues.

    Ethan is a member of the new Gen 13 team. He and his brother Dylan lost their father, a firefighter, during the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He seems to be able to draw damage from others to himself and then heal it.

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    eThe unofficial leader of the 'genies,' Ethan intervened when Herod visited his brother, gaining the powers that were initially intended for him. Many members of his family are police officers and firefighters while his mother is a paramedic. Highly responsible as well as naturally heroic and seemingly ceaselessly optimistic, Ethan encourages the others to press forward to investigate what has happened to them. In his first earthly encounter with Gwendolyne, he helps her fight off gang members who had been pressuring her father but then saves one of them after Sweetie barbecues her. He is also responsible for bringing Hamza back to life after he wrecks one of his father's limos. When his mother is shot and critically injured by an enemy of the team known as the Chrome, Ethan refuses to leave her side for some time, but Ja'nelle secures his help and he returns to the team. When his uniform manifests, it is a firefighter's jacket.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ethan is able to manipulate energy, which he refers to as his 'flame.' He can unleash force blasts, boost his teammates' abilities, drain & weaken others, heal people, to the point which he has used to bring others back to life. He also can use his power in more specified manners, severing the link between Emily and her host, Fairchild.


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