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Powers and Abilities

As a member of YOMI and being trained by a master in YAMI, Ethan Stanley is above most other disciple class fighters. He is a practitioner of Kalaripayattu and as such as extensive knowledge of marma points and pressure point attacks that can leave his opponent with useless body parts being able to paralyze arms and legs.The only real weakness seen in kalaripayattuis its lack of innovation and adding new moves to counter more recently developed martial arts. Ethan is the tallest and largest member of YOMI and has strength enough to bust down walls easily. His speed is similarly enhanced and is enough to catch both Miu and Kenichi off guard.

Beyond is fighting ability Ethan is a keen observer and has shown this in his fights being able to figure which pressure points are more valuable for the current fight he is in and discern his opponent sdefense and how to get around them.


  • Boar Stance - A basic stance in that involves the user to charge straight at the opponent with their shoulder much like a wild boar charging.
  • Killer Samudamushika - Ethan grabs his opponents arm and presses the marma point in their arm, rendering that limb completely useless.
  • Malakamv - One of the training methods that is practiced in Indian martial arts, the user clings to a pole with either their arms or legs or both, and slides down or up the pole to avoid the enemy.
  • Marharshiva Kick - An extremely powerful and straight high kick towards the opponents head.
  • Snake Stance - A basic kalaripyattu stance that involves the user doing a fast straight double knife strike at the opponent.

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