Ethan Rayne

    Character » Ethan Rayne appears in 29 issues.

    Ethan Rayne was a small time villain from the past of Giles who caused BIG problems.

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     Not Much in known about Ethan.In the early 70's he met Rupert Giles(who was then known as Ripper) they along with other friends began practicing Dark Magic. The whole group tattooed themselves with the Mark Of Eyghon. When things turned tragically wrong and one of their friends died. Rupert Giles left the group and they disbanded. Ethan himself turned even deeper into the Dark Magic

    Ethan and Giles Meet Again

     Ethan first appeared in Sunnydale as the owner of a custom shop. Though he used his dark magic to curse the customs turning anyone who wore the custom into that (example Xander dressed as a military figure and when the spell activated he instantly knew everything about that rank and all of its association. Even after the spell ended he kept the knowledge). Though sometime later Giles reversed the spell. Ethan shortly returned to Giles after he saw visions of the people who whore the Mark Of Eyghon being killed off. Though this was only a trick and he was using Buffy and Giles love fore each other to hide. He trapped her and tattooed the mark on her and burned his off. It fooled the demon and instead of coming for him it went for Buffy. While Buffy and the gang fought the demon Ethan escaped. A year later Ethan returned to Suddydale with a vampire called Mr. Trick(now working for the evil mayor) called Ethan to curse candy bars that were being sold for the Sunnydale High Band. These bars would make the adults act like teenagers while the Mayor and others performed the ritual to pay tribute to the demon Lurconis. His plan was later reversed once again by Giles. Ethan again returns to seek revenge on Giles. After having a drink with Ethan the night before Giles is turned into a Fyarl Demon. Buffy and the gang think the demon ate Giles and set off to kill him. Luckily Spike speaks this demons language ans is able to establish who he is. Though later Buffy Still kills him the spell is reversed by morning and Giles is unharmed. Ethan was last seen being sent to a detention facility in Nevada.

    After Sunnydale

      After several years Ethan suddenly re-appears acting as a guide in the dreamscape dimension that Buffy was in. Though it appears that Ethan was doing some sort of Astral Projecting. When Buffy found out that he was still in his cell in Nevada she finds him dead.

    Powers and Abilities

     Ethan was one of the most powerful magic users in the Buffy universe(though no where near the level of users such as Willow). He can easily perform dark magic such as es and transmogrification. Thought the series and his limited appearance he has shown that he has little to no hand to hand skills. Relying mostly on fast acting spells or traps.

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