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Journey's End

I'm probably going to be biased here... having Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. on one comic book, it's hard not to be.

Gaiman finishes off this mini-series along the same lines as he finishes some of his novels. It doesn't end with a giant climax, but rather ends after the climax, where the main characters have a chance to reflect on what has transpired, and where they should take things from here. Not to say there is no action in this issue, because there is... it's just not the "main attraction" of the story.

The story opens up with a funny moment, as it's not quite clear how much time has transpired since the last issue... but it seems that the Golden Celestial that now stands in Golden Gate Park, has become a tourist attraction. Although the notion of this might seem goofy at first, it's totally believable and makes perfect sense. In a world that has had alien invasions too often to count, has had frequent visits by the giant Galactus, that will soon have a superhero team for every state, ect, ect... what else would a giant gold robot standing dormant in Golden Gate Park be? He'd be a tourist attraction of course!

The purpose of this mini-series from the very beginning was to bring back the Eternals in the Marvel Universe proper, and to clearly define their role. I can honestly say I don't think anyone could have done a better job then what Gaiman did here. He clearly has respect for what Jack Kirby originally created while adding his own take on the characters.

The main problem with The Eternals was the continuity problems over the years... so Gaiman made that the main plot of the story. That plot point comes to it's logical conclusion in the final issue with a very well written scene between Zuras and Sprite that might be the highlight of the whole issue. The character of Zuras comes off as caring and cold all at the same time. Just wonderful writing.

Although that plot point is resolved, Gaiman does leave a lot for future writers to explore with these characters. He's done the hard part, so I really hope a talented writer picks up where he's left off and does something with these characters. Although it would be amazing to have Gaiman and Romita on an ongoing Eternals title, I know that's a pipe dream.

Speaking of John Romita Jr., his artwork is simply amazing as usual. His artwork is most certainly not the "prettiest" you'll find in a comic book, but that doesn't mean he's not one of the best (if not the best) in comics today. His characters almost feel like they're moving off the page.

I finished reading issue #7, and I actually can't wait till I have the chance to sit down and read issues 1 to 7 again in one sitting.

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