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    The Police force of the city of Olympus in Appleseed.

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    ESWAT stands or Extra-Special Weapons and Advanced Tactics. This group serves as a counter-terrorism unit for the city of Olyimpus as well as enforces international laws.

    The only way for someone to get into ESWAT is to be picked out of other law enforcing units, such as SWAT, SIU, and the FBI. However Mercenaries and other foreign fighters are usually hunted down in the badsides and other nations around the world to get them to work on ESWAT. As soon as a recruit enters the ESWAT, they will either be working in law enforcement, or in manual labor.


    Training soon becomes the life of the recruit; they breathe and eat their training sessions. Wither you are a veteran in the law enforcement unit you were chosen from or a up coming prodigy, everyone starts at the same level on ESWAT. Training is always at the ESWAT training building in the Centeral Olympic Block where they stay for 8 -10 hours a day, and if their lucky a couple of minutes of break in-between the house of training.
    The training not only prepares them on how to use the specialized weapons and armor of the ESWAT, or hand to hand combat, but also on how to act in different scenarios, which are constantly being tested through simulators, over and over again.

    The scenario training is for the length of about 10 day, and go over many different areas in the field. These include, but are not limited to: defense of government property and officials, cyborg crime, hostage situations, landmate operations, room clearing and assassinations.

    Operations and Procedures

    Anti-Terrorist operations, and Special Forces are what made up most missions for the ESWAT teams due to the need of tactical assault. It is because of the heavy training that they are known as being the best at what they do in the entire world, having low mission injury and fatality rates than another law enforcing unites. However that’s not all they do, they are also trained in normal police and SIU investigation  procedures and assault tactics in bringing in or down cyborg criminals as well that are too difficult and dangerous for normal police unites.
    But like as said above, they also enforce international laws as well. Because of this ESWAT often work in other countries, working as a ‘Big Brother’ factor for the nations to put take out any terrorists, insurrections and criminals that the nations own law enforcers could not take care of themselves. But even though they go to seem as if they are protecting the smaller nations, in reality ESWAT will operate in other countries  to protect their own interests.



    Landmates are large exo-suits that allow the wearer to control it from the inside, it allows increased maneuverability and firepower, and most ESWAT members are trained in the area of using the Landmates. Just like any other weapon, the Landmates come in many different varieties to try and ocomidate the many difffernet mission types. The ESWAT Pilot controls the large suit by sitting inside a special cockpit inside the Landmates that folds over the pilots head and torso as the arms are slipped inside a glove like apparatus, allowing them to be able to hold a weapon or grip something as they would without the suit. Whatever movment of the arms the pilot makes inside the suit, happens to the large robotic arms. Because of the fact that the cockpit covers the entire head and torser, the vision for these massive robots are sent down from cameras placed on the head of the landmates (like eyes to a human) and sent down into viewscrees that appear in front of the pilot’s face. Another perk to having a landmates is their ability to fly. The way this is accomplished is by having two anti-gravity apparatuses placed on the back of the robots, this allows the landmates to move forward, and they also have four jets on the thighs, allowing for left to right, circle and sideways motion, as well as up and down, similar to that of a helicopter.

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