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Major Story Arcs

The Big Meoww!

Adorable & flavorful little Ted Kord.
Adorable & flavorful little Ted Kord.

After Booster Gold and Ted Kord (who'd been turned into a chipmunk by Queen Artemis) were momentarily incarcerated at the intergalactic prison Starlag, Estrogina wound up leading a one-woman prison break, welcoming any who would join her. When she caught sight of Booster though, she couldn't help but like what she saw, especially after having been locked in solitary confinement for months. As such, she looked forward to having some fun with Booster after she was done with her prison break. Booster wasn't too keen on "sexual suicide" as he put it, but Estrogina wasn't giving him a choice in the matter. Seeing chipmunk Ted, she also couldn't help but like the adorable little critter and after nothing but protein paste for food in solitary, she swallowed him down in one gulp. Booster begged Estrogina to spit Ted out, but she wasn't taking any lip from her new boy-toy and made it very clear while she tore apart the prison guards that she wasn't going to tolerate any more back-talk.

While Estrogina was busy beating guards to a bloody pulp, Skeets showed up with Booster's costume. Following a quick costume change (and a quick prayer), Booster attempted to make Estrogina vomit Ted up by punching her in the gut. She was unfazed however and instead thought Booster simply liked it rough. Taking him outside the prison, Estrogina showed Booster the incoming ship of her crew of Zamaron pirates that was coming for her. Fed up however, Booster quickly time-traveled away to find a solution to Ted's current predicament. When he returned, Estrogina was about to tear Skeets to pieces until Booster managed to talk her down. They were then all transported onto the Zamaron ship where Estrogina received a joyous welcome from her crew. She was about to finally have her fun with Booster, when Ted's predicament started to resolve itself. The spell that had made him a chipmunk turned out not to be as permanent as he'd been led to believe, and Estrogina managed to regurgitate him as he returned to his human form. After a brief daze of disbelief, Estrogina was livid with Booster. He tried to explain the situation as best he could, but she was furious and vowed to have both Booster and Ted dismembered and castrated for their affront. Booster, Ted, and Skeets time-traveled away before she could make good on her promise though, and Estrogina was left swearing revenge on Booster Gold, regardless of however long it might take.

After both Flashpoint and the New 52 event though, Estrogina will most likely never manage to follow through with her revenge.

Powers & Abilities

Estrogina possesses considerable levels of super strength and invulnerability, the exact limits of which are undefined. She has been shown to easily shrug off multiple laser blasts though, as well as a strength-enhanced punch from Booster Gold, and tear through both steel and people with relatively little effort.

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