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Estarossa is a tall, handsome, broad-shouldered young man with a wispy goatee, silver hair, and chiseled facial features. He sports a muscular body, and has looks quite similar to that of Meliodas' wanted poster. He wears a dark brown longcoat with golden gauntlets and boots. His Demon Clan symbol is above is left eye


Estarossa at first appearance was presented as a calm, quiet, self-reserved, and serene man. He has a charismatic, cool demeanor and is usually relaxed as opposed to his brother Zeldris, who is normally uptight and perplexed. It is then later revealed that he is actually quite arrogant and sadistic, with cold-hearted intentions.

Powers and Abilities

Estarossa is one of the strongest members of the 10 commandments, and one of the most formidable Demons in the series. He possesses exceptional speed, strength, power, and mostly durability. He was able to survive a full powered slash from Escanor's Rhitta, while the same attack completely bisected Galan in half. He was also durable enough to survive a fox hunt from Ban, and was unaffected when Ban used Hunter Festival and tried to break his neck, showing somewhat bottomless strength, similar to Meliodas.


Like every member of the Demon King's 10 commandments, Estarossa possesses a unique power bestowed upon him by the Demon King- The commandment of "Love" (sometimes translated as charity). The power description is as follows -

"Those who stand against him with hatred in their hearts will be rendered powerless, and will lose the ability or capacity to inflict harm or damage to any persons in his presence." This allows Estarossa to negate any type of power or attack that bears animosity, and was potent enough to completely nullify Meliodas' Revenge Counter


Full Counter - Estarossa has the ability to reflect physical attacks at more than double the power. Similar to Meliodas, but a different version

Rebellion - Estarossa creates 7 distinct swords, easily capable of piercing Meliodas' body

Hellblaze - Estarossa generates black flames, which are powerful enough to negate an immortal's regeneration

Blackout - Manipulates his Demonic darkness to cover up or swallow a target


Albion Arc -


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