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    Volume » Published by Marvel UK/Panini UK. Started in 2010.

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    Published by the UK wing of Panini Comics.

    They are mutants; people born with genetically enhanced abilities that set them apart from the rest of humanity. Mutants have become a cause of public hysteria around the world, with many viewing them as a threat to the human-race; the evolutonary replacements for homo sapiens. Some mutants use their skills for personal gain, others want to rule over humanity. Professo Xavier, however, dreams of a future where humans and mutants may live together peacefully.

    The X-Men have been major media stars for over four decades, thrilling audiences around the world with animated TV series, hit computer games, blockbuster movies and, of course, countless comic books!

    Many generations of fans have loved Marvel’s strangest heroes, and Essential X-Men showcases the finest of their adventures! All the favourite characters are here: Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler and the most dangerous mutant alive, Wolverine! Each issue features 76 pages of action, intrigue and romance by the biggest talents in comics.

    Essential X-Men has been in publication for 10 years – and we’re just warming up!

    The Panini Marvel Collectors' Editions are filled with 76 pages of graphic adventures. The stories are reprints of original American strips from carefully selected titles. Read the best collected strips, without a host of adverts, printed on high quality paper, only from Panini, every month!

    UK reprints of X-Men, mainly Uncanny X-Men (495-) and X-Men Legacy.


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