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    Essence is a Mysterious female entity who was related to Jason Todd's training with the All-Caste before he became the Red Hood. He eventually comes to believe that Essence is to blame for the attack on the All-Caste.

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    Essence was romantically interested with Jason Todd when the both of them were with the All-Caste. She was the daughter of the master, Ducra , while Jason was the first human to ever be accepted into the All-Caste .

    Major Story Arcs

    She ended up turning on the All-Caste and for this reason Todd believes that she betrayed the All-Caste and lead their immortal enemies, the Untitled to the monastery, thus betraying them. When the two meet again however, in the presence of Starfire and Roy Harper, Essence however, ends up explaining that her and Ducra were there the day that the Untitled reached into the waters of Absolute evil, thus becoming permanently connected to the untitled.

    Powers and Abilities

    Essence is a being composed of shadows or some sort of dark mist and has thus shown the ability to render herself intangible and disperse into a shadowy form at will. She has been shown to be partially vulnerable to energy projection of some kind, which is seen clearly when she is affected by Starfire's energy blasts. While these were enough to slow her down and cause her pain, they did not have the ability to incapacitate her. She also contains the knowledge behind the application of many dark secrets of the All-Cast and the Untitled and she is also seemingly immortal.


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