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Eson the Searcher is a member of the Celestials, nigh-omnipotent and mysterious space gods responsible for Earth's Eternals and Deviants. Celestials visit the planet Earth every few thousand years in groups collectively known as Hosts to observe, analyze, or pass judgment on Earth and its species. Eson, a Celestial that tests the stability of genes in the lifeforms they have evolved, sends the various lifeforms through a series of tests, until they are ready to go back to the planet and start their new lives. He is responsible for choosing what assignments Gammenon the Gatherer is sent after.

Eons ago, Eson the Searcher was involved in a dispute involving Arishem the Judge and the Dreaming Celestial Tiamut The Communicator. Arishem the Judge acted against Tiamut. Hargen the Measurer, Jemiah the Analyzer, Tefral the Surveyor, and Eson the Searcher joined Arishem's side, and together, they cast and imprisoned the Dreaming Celestial under Diablo Mountain Range in California. Eson the Searcher appears as an incredibly massive green armored giant, approximately 2000 feet tall.


The Celestial Eson the Searcher is a Marvel comics book character created by Jack Kirby first appearing in The Eternals #9 released in 1977.

Powers and Abilities

Eson the Searcher, like many Celestials, is an extremely powerful god-like being, possessing incalculable levels of strength, durability, speed, and energy projection. Enormous in stature (up to 2000 feet in height), they can manipulate reality, control vast levels of energy, and rearrange matter up to an unknown degree. They can teleport themselves or large objects across broad distances. If harmed, they will regenerate near instantaneously. Capable of withstanding earth-shattering blows and greater, Celestials also possess the ability to generate energy blasts that are of world-breaking level and higher. There is an unknown connection between the Celestials and Hyperspace. It is possible that Hyperspace is the origin of the Celestials' vast powers.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 2000' 0"

Weight: Varies

Hair: None

Eyes: None

In Other Media

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In Guardians of the Galaxy, a recording of Eson is shown to the Guardians by the Collector.


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