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    Esdeath is the strongest general in the Empire and the leader of the Jaegers. Esdeath also commands the entire army in the Empire and is Prime Minister Honest's right-hand woman. She is the secondary antagonist in the Akame ga Kill! manga series

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    • Kanji/Kana: エスデス
    • Rōmaji: Esudesu
    • Alias: Empire's Strongest General Ice Queen
    • Name: Esdeath
    • Birthday: January 24
    • Age: Early 20s
    • Hair: Blue
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Gender: Female
    • Faction: Jaegers The Empire Partas Clan (Disbanded)
    • Teigu: Demon´s Extract
    • Status: Deceased


    General Esdeath, commonly referred to as The Empire’s strongest, is a high ranking official in the Emerprial army as well as the most powerful character in the series thus far. While normally recognized as a sadist, she is also well known to show unbridled kindness to her comrade as well as their family.

    Having been brought up in a village in the woods Esdeath was taught a cruel lesson by her father that strength is everything. Strong flourish while the weak die, this is the law of the nature. Charred with such concept from her childhood and born with a penance for war Esdeath eventually grew up to become the Empire’s strongest general.

    Her character portrayal however is rather curious; she shows no remorse against her enemies or her target however she displays enormous compassion for her comrades. With no desire for money or power all she craves for is the very sensation of being in a battle with a powerful opponent and crushing their hope. She does not fear death, in fact, she appears to embrace the idea of dying on a glorious battle makes her a terrifying adversary.


    Esdeath is normally portrayed as a 5 foot 7 beautiful young women (who’s hinted to be in her late teens although her actual age is yet to be disclosed) with a voluptuous body and a long blue hair and blue eyes. She has a tattoo on her chest signifying that she is perfectly merged with her Teigu (super weapon). She is normally seen wearing her uniform, as an army General, with a belt with a “+” sign as her buckle as well as long sleeves.

    Esdeath also carried around a thin pointy sword which seem capable of cutting down even the most powerful of danger beasts, however, no explanation in regards to why the sword seem vastly more powerful than a normal sword has been provided as of yet.


    Tetsuya Tashir, the author of Akama Ga Kill, mentioned her original Japanese name was meant to be Esdesu which was a pun for “I am S”. This was supposed to signify her being a sadist. The name was eventually changed to Esdeath for English translation for reader’s convenience.


    Initially introduced as a cruel and a cold woman who cherished torturing people and had no mercy for the weak her character has bloomed quite significantly as the story moved forward.

    Being born in an isolated villain next to the Northern Frontier Lands as the daughter the Partas Clan’s leader Esdeath was taught a simple lesson the place for the weak in beneath the boots of the strong. As such she despises people she deems week and enjoys crushing her opponent strength as well as confidence.

    Esdeath enjoys torture and she appears to hold no reservations about slaughtering the innocent. In fact, that seems commonplace in regards to her conquest. This alongside her power level as the empire’s strongest makes her feared by many.

    Esdeath, however, appear to treat her subordinates extremely well. We see Esdeath choosing to share stories and have dinner with her comrade instead of relaxing on her tent. It was also revealed that Esdeath gave a substantial sum of money to the family of a fallen subordinate and that there were many things in regards to the life of the family members of her fallen subordinate that Esdeath would take care of without even letting the soldiers know. This is perhaps why she commands such fierce loyalty from her subordinates.

    Esdeath appear to relish the very concept of being pushed to her limit in a battle. She has openly acknowledged Susanoo as a warrior rather than a weapon (Teigu) because of his battle skills and determination. That however did not stop her from killing him in the battle. However, because she relishes the being pushed to her limit but sadly does not have many who could stand toe to toe with her she normally leaves few survivors from every town she is asked to destroy hoping these remaining survivors would someday be strong and challenge her.

    Her character seems to change even further after she met Tatsumi and fell in love with him. Knowing very little about love she was previously shown requesting the Prime Minister help in finding a lover. After she seeks Tatsumi smile in a tournament she organized she instantly falls in love with him. It has been repeatedly mentioned that despite Tatsumi’s continuous rejection has not stopped her from being in love with him. Her feelings for Tatsumi had not changed despite Tatsumi already having a girlfriend.


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