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the conculsion to the wonderland saga

at last the conclusion to the wonderland saga as callie goes back through the mirror albeit in a very hot outfit lol. in this book she has to not only save her child, but also to confront the demon that has consumed her brother johnny and the monstrous jabberwocky. you will notice that in wonderland her hair is black but in reality its white. at the end of the story callie and a grown up violet head to the cemetary to pay respect to callie's mother alice, who was sent to the demonic dimension by her grandfather. on the way home they spot a carnival but didnt stop. its a good thing because a certain royal figure is a barker at the wonderland ride. there she gives a little boy a mad hatter hat. could it be that this lady is trying to recruit more members? did this person find another way to wonderland? find out when you read this. 
a must read for those who like blood and gore and scantilly clad heroines

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    You are coming with me 0

    The series ends here and does what it does best, tinting the self-discovery of Calie’s inner turmoil with a healthy dose of suspense and horror.  It is not only in the way that Calie fights back, but the lives that they could have lived that they see for themselves before she gets the opportunity to do so.  The eventual conclusion is a sad enough one, but this series was never meant to end on a high, at least not in the usual sense.  Instead the reader is left with a sense of some satisfaction w...

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