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    Escanor is the Lion's Sin of Pride of the Seven Deadly Sins. He was born in a royal family but his magical ability Sunlight combined with a mishap made his family to detest and dread him. The ability of Sunlight turns his body weak and feeble at night, brawny and arrogant during the day.

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    Escanor's appearance changes dratically in accordance to his ability Sunlight. This power allows him to gain magical energy from the Sun as it rises, and then decreases as the Sun sets. His physical appearance and personality change proportionally as well, making Escanor a dual-sided person.

    At night, when the Sun is set, Escanor's magical power is at it's weakest, and his physical appearance is that of a small, frail, and timid young man. 10 years before the start of the series, Escanor wore loose-fitting baggy clothes and armor at night time. When daybreak began, his size, muscle mass, and body stature increase exponentially, allowing him to tower over other beings.

    It remains much of the same 10 years later, however Escanor has grown a thick mustache and wears spectacles at night time. He is seen wearing his bartender outfit at night, but during the day he grows so much all his clothes rip off his body. Daybreak Escanor and night time Escanor have deeply contrasting appearances, with the former being extremely tall, lean, swole and bulky, while the latter is short, skinny, weak, and frail.


    Similar to his appearance, Escanor's personality changes in correlation to the time of day and relation to the Sun. Being the Lion's Sin of Pride, during the day when his power is at it's peak, Escanor's pride and arrogance are his most dominant traits, as he is incredibly condescending and passive-aggressive to all people (but mostly his foes).

    At night time he is the exact opposite. He is shy, submissive, easily frightened, and weak-willed. Despite this however, there are some personality traits he retains no matter the time of day. His romantic feelings for Merlin and his duty as a Holy Knight. He is in love with Merlin, and would do anything to please her. She is so important to him that even the slightest thought of her allowed Escanor to replace her with an actual Sun, giving him a spiking boost in magic power despite it being the dead of night.

    He is also respectful to his comrades, and is skilled at writing poetry. He has written many different works of literature, all of which either center around his love for Merlin or his life's passions. Escanor usually writes them in his more calmed state at night, in which his true feelings are revealed.

    Powers and Abilities

    Escanor is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, and generally regarded to be the strongest amongst them. Meliodas stated Escanor to be even stronger than him, and Merlin said at noon Escanor's power far exceeded any of the other sins. However, during the nighttime he is the weakest of all Holy Knights.


    Sunlight is Escanor's magical ability, and it enables his physical strength and magical power to rise and fall in correlation to the Sun. Starting from midnight and into the day time his power level steadily rises with the Sun, and peaks at noon. Then from noon into the rest of the day his power slowly decreases, until it becomes completely minuscule at night, becoming weaker than any other Holy Knight in Britannia. In his fight with Galan his power was increasing every 5 seconds, and was over 50,000 near noon.

    Divine Axe Rhitta:

    Divine Axe Rhitta is Escanor's Sacred Treasure, a large, adorned, and incredibly powerful Axe. The Axe was heavy enough to receive complaints from both Meliodas and Galan, two demons with remarkable amounts of physical strength. However, during the daytime Escanor wields it with ease and can even call it to himself.


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