Esau Cairn

    Character » Esau Cairn appears in 12 issues.

    The last character created by Robert E. Howard, similar to Conan the Cimmerian in attitude and overall demeanor. Esau Cairn is an outsider in his own time. Gifted with a physique far beyond the norm, Esau Cairn yearns for a time and place where he can cut loose.

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    Born outside his time, Esau Cairn, who is stronger, faster and more agile than even the most robust modern man, finds it impossible to make productive use of his enhanced physique and instincts due to his uncontrollable anger, which leads to him being barred from both football and boxing when he cripples opponents in both sports.

    Unemployed, things go bad for Esau when he crushes the skull of local corrupt politician.

    On the run from the police he ends up meeting a scientist who needs someone to test his latest experiment on, a machine to project a human to a planet around a distant star.

    Gladly hopping into the device Esau finds himself on the planet Almuric, a place even harsher than he is.

    There with sword, sinew, and his overpowering rage Esau finds what he thinks of as his version of Paradise.


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