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    A virtual clone of Elektra created by the Hand.

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    Erynys was a virtual clone of Elektra created by the Hand. She was a reanimated corpse bonded to the "dark essence" of Elektra, the darker aspects of her persona. She was a savage warrior with much of Elektra's abilities but none of her self-control. She was eventually merged with Elektra herself.


    Erynys is a Marvel comics character created by D.G Chichester and Scott McDaniel. Erynys first appears in Daredevil #322.

    Character Evolution

    Erynys was created essentially to provide a dark mirrored image of Elektra and serve as an antagonist for the female assassin. Representative of much of dark turmoil existing within Elektra Erynys was incredibly ruthless as well as savage. She would not appear much beyond her initial story arc after being absorbed by Elektra.

    Powers and Abilities

    Erynys possesses similar physical traits and powers similar to Elektra, although more ruthless. She would wield a modified variation of Elektra's sai as well.


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