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    Character » Eruka Frog appears in 4 issues.

    Eruka Frog is a Witch of the Witch Order who was forced to work as one of Medusa Gorgon's spies by Medusa Gorgon and her party.

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    Eruka has long, straight, silvery hair and a tiny mouth, which is emphasized by a prominent black circle at each end, mimicking the air sacs on a frog's mouth, befitting her normally quiet attitude.

    Her typical outfit consists of a thigh-length black dress with a white polka dot pattern over a dark gray shirt, black leggings, and knee-high white boots. Her striking orange headgear with a frog-like face, which further supports her amphibian theme, is arguably the most noticeable feature of her appearance. The headgear imitates her facial expressions on occasion.


    Eruka, like many other Witches, wants devastation and revels in the knowledge that she was born with magical abilities.

    She is, however, incredibly cowardly, preferring to flee rather than fight and, when cornered, never hesitates to beg for pity. Eruka has an earnest demeanor with other Witches, notably the Mizune family, with whom she is close friends, despite her malevolent goal. She can, however, be dismissive of people she considers lesser.

    Powers & Abilities

    Magic: Her magic uses the form of frogs (such as tadpoles) and the concept of calculations.

    • Transform: Eruka transforms into a frog. She can still talk in this form.
    • Egg Bombs: Tadpole-like black balls with frog faces that can hop towards their target before detonating.
    • Arithmetic Magic (Magic Calculation): Used as a 'place maker' for high level spells so they are more precise.

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