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Eros is the God of Love in greek mythology.

In DC:

Golden Age

Eros was a planet in another galaxy ruled by a man named Dominus. Wonder Woman encountered the planet Eros along with her allies Steve Trevor and Etta Candy in astral form, where she aided Marya, the planetary mother of Eros, in stopping the rebellious Rebla and subsequently stripping Dominus of his power.

Silver Age

As in Greek Mythology, Eros appeared as the God of Love. After Steve Trevor was killed by the villainous Doctor Cyber, Aphrodite used Eros's life essence to resurrect him. However, Steve soon lost his life again, and Eros's essence was scattered to the Underworld. He eventually escaped, and followed Steve Trevor and Sofia Constantinas back to the United States, where he vowed to make Wonder Woman love him again. There, he battled Doctor Cyber alongside Wonder Woman. The Amazon princess refused Eros's advances, and in a blind rage, he attacked Paradise Island. With the help from Paula von Gunther, Wonder Woman was able to erradicate Steve Trevor's memories from Eros, restoring his sanity.


Eros often appeared alongside the other Olympian Gods, resembling his Silver Age incarnation. He later altered his appearance into a modern look, sporting dreadlocks and sunglasses. He was convinced by his father Ares to use his arrows on Zeus, which led to an infatuation with the Amazon Artemis. Hera, aware of Zeus's adulturous habits, destroyed Themyscira out of anger.


Eros has reappeared as one of Wonder Woman's allies, allowing her to borrow his "pistols of love" to travel to the Underworld.


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