Eros Graphic Albums #48

    Eros Graphic Albums » Eros Graphic Albums #48 - Here Come the Lovejoys released by Eros Comix on August 1, 2001.

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    Watch out world because HERE COME THE LOVEJOYS. One heck of a horny family that would rather screw anybody or anything that got in their path than sit home in the family room and watch TV together.

    Mom, Dad, and Daughter all do their best to keep themselves entertained. Floyd Lovejoy finds relief at work with his secretaries, Mildred Lovejoy things nothing of making it with the milkman or the mailman, and Jenny Lovejoy gets crazy with all of her school friends.

    The Lovejoys become concerned about their sexual addictions and go see a therapist, Dr. Buggfuque, who makes them watch home movies of their own sexual activities until none of them can stand it anymore. In the end, they are so heated -up from watching themselves, they spontaneously combust, leaving nothing but spent ashes.

    From outer space aliens to porno film producers, from country redneck bumpkin degenerates to master hypnotists, the Lovejoys are continually screwing their brains out. Funny and sexy, you'll wish your family could get as much sex as the LOVEJOYS get.

    Collects Here Come The Lovejoys #1-6

    Chapter Titles

    • Here Come the Lovejoys
    • Family Affairs
    • A Trip to the Principals Office
    • Family Business or: Hard at Work
    • Here Come the Lovejoys MangaStyle
    • A Clockwork Lovejoy
    • The Lovejoys Reborn
    • To Love, Honor, and Oh, Baby


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